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Welcome to Camp Canada! We’re ecstatic you found us because we’re committed to offering the greatest jobs in Canada. We’re an award-winning Organisation founded on the desire to offer the best salaries and lowest fees to our applicants from all around the world. If you want to spend your time working and traveling in Canada earning up to $1900 CAD then look no further than Camp Canada. Whether it be for a Summer job, an Autumn job (that’s right we even offer jobs in the fall as we call it) or part of a Gap Year you are certainly most welcome here at Camp Canada.


If a year of sunshine, new friends, speaking to mounties, looking at moose, maple syrup with unbelievable experiences is your cup of tea, then we’re here to help. To think you could be at the incredible Niagara Falls or see the Rocky Mountains first hand. You will certainly be the envy of all your friends that stay at home. Remember you only have one life to live… so live it by doing Camp Canada!

At our UK office in Manchester we even have #FreeBiscuits and a Ping Pong table for you to enjoy if you come down for an interview or to just say hello! Pretty sweet eh? Plus you get discounts from AmeriCamp, AusJob ThaiJobs Camp Thailand Camp South Africa and Invasion for doing Camp Canada!

We even have jobs available for those who are looking for something to do after doing the likes of AmeriCamp in the Summer as we have camps open in the fall, meaning that you can get the ultimate North American experience.

So come and see what all the fuss is about here at Camp Canada! Find out what the right job or travel option is right for you today!

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